Friends & Colleagues Appreciate Mimi:


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Mimi Stewart has a proven record of fighting for our priorities in Santa Fe. Let’s keep her working for us. 

Mimi Stewart on the Economy:

“As your state senator, I’m working to help revive our local economy. It starts with providing students of all ages with the right education and training for the good jobs I’m working to bring here. And it continues with more affordable healthcare to help small businesses struggling with rising insurance premiums. Be assured: that’s what I’m fighting for.”

Mimi Stewart’s Economic Goals for the Future:

  • Provide job training targeted to good-paying jobs in the trades for people not going to college
  • Reduce health care costs so small businesses can create more jobs
  • Continue working to make New Mexico a leader in the growing renewable energy industry


Mimi Stewart on Education:

“I’ve spent a career teaching in our schools. I’ve seen firsthand that a good education is the foundation of a successful life--for everyone.”

Mimi Stewart’s plan for Education:

  • Fix the schools funding system so every child has a bright educational future
  • Expand vocational and technical training opportunities
  • Offer more educational options for combat veterans returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan


Mimi Stewart on Health Care:

“Our healthcare system won’t serve everyone’s needs until it offers two things: accessibility and affordability. That’s what I’m fighting for.”

Mimi’s Stewart’s Plan for Health Care:

  • Require fair prices for care, based on real costs
  • Lower prices on life-saving medicines
  • Provide independent living options for seniors and people with disabilities